Saturday, January 1, 2011

Its Time People

The time is now. have you made up your mind to make this your best year ever?

I know I have.

With the start of my weight loss last year I am well on

my way to reaching my goal this year.

Its our time now to get off the sofa, close that refridgerator door and get moving.

It could be anything.. a simple walk around your neighborhood, sit ups on your living room floor,

a new gym membership....whatever it takes to get moving.

Why not do this for yourself? Why shouldnt your health and your body be top priority?

We all deserve to be the best we can possibly be in 2011 and for the rest of our lives.

We owe it ourselves and to those who care about us. I wanna be around for along time.

So today... lets set our goals.

Watch what we eat... lose some inches and lbs and lets feeeeeeel gooooood!!


  1. I'm there cheering for you sweetie, and working on my own goals too. Still plan to do the 5am treadmill thing at least 4 days/week before work (and was on it today, although a bit later than 5am!). I finally convinced hubby that our old treadmill is becoming a health hazard - it just shuts off spontaneously while you are using it, so today he informed me that a brand spankin' new one is in my immediate future!!

    Big hugs to you - I know you will achieve your goals.


  2. Good for you Sue!! and yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh for getting a new treadmill soon. Nothing better than a new piece of equipment to get you revved up! I know it does me!

    xox Robin