Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lets Talk About Food Baby....

I mean after all.. that is the whole reason I am here....

So let me just ask.. have you made many changes to your diet if your trying to lose weight?

If so, what are your secrets?

I am trying my hardest to get in 5 meals a day. Some days are easier than others.

Breakfast being my biggest calorie intake. A light morning snack, maybe a fruit.

Then lunch....another snack.. some granola or some almonds(unsalted) and then a nice dinner.
Do you journal your food intake?

I was really good at this when I first started this back in July, then slowly lost my drive to write it down. I am going to start doing this again. Its a MUST people!!
Makes me more accountable for what I am putting in my mouth. I also realize real quick if I am taking in too many calories or not enough.
I also found that it will show me when I am more likely to snack or even over eat.
So if you don't journal, I highly recommend it!!
Need some good recipe sources??
Here's a few I have tried and loved.
Tosca Reno- Eat Clean Recharged.
(recently tried the Asian noodle bowl and also the Chicken Cheese Steak... YUM!)
Healthy Cooking Magazine.
and we get alot from
(they have a great list of 300 cals or less)
PLease feel free to share your recipes or books even magazines that you get your recipes from.
Looking forward to seeing some of your meals and even try them out.


  1. I have to track to keep myself accountable. I track calories and weight watcher points. Instead of mindlessly eating, I know exactly what I've stuffed into my mouth. And hoenstly, it's quite powerful to be that in tune with my body.

  2. I totally agree. Its actually scary to think back about how I used to eat.. Imagine writing that down.. yikes!!
    Good for you for journaling!

  3. I have started tracking my food again. I bought a cheap dry erase board and put it on the refrigerator so I could SEE it and wouldn't forget to write down what I've eaten.

    This gal has some good recipes too...

    Another thing I found helpful...I "visualized" what I was going to wear when I reached my goal. Everytime I walked my dog I planned my new wardrobe. in April 2009, I cleaned out my closed and got rid of ALL my winter clothes...literally gave it to Goodwill or threw it away if it wasn't good. I kept what I could wear that spring/summer. I was liberating knowing that the next winter the closet would be filled with NEw...SMALLER clothes. It worked for me.

    I also bought a pair of pants (on clearance) a size smaller than what I could fit into, and tried them on every week until they fit...then I bought another pair smaller than that. It was motivating for me.

    Keep believing in yourself,'ll get there.

  4. thank you so much Joanne, i think thats the most important part is to believe in myself!! Thank you sweet friend!! xoxox

  5. I log everything I put into my mouth, it IS a must, you're right!

    I started eating clean 4 months ago, it is the way everyone should be eating in my opinion. Clean, whole (unprocessed) foods are not only good for us, but for our children and husbands too!

    All of Tosca Reno's books, along with Clean Eating Magazines and Oxygen Magazines, have all the recipes you'll ever need.

    Here's to 2011 and better health and great food!

    Love you!

  6. Hey Robin I think that you are doing just great.
    I am going to try and do the 11 week of Doctor Oz. But you are an inspiration to me.