Monday, January 3, 2011

RythMix Class

This is my Rythmix Class I go to 2 times a week. I also go to Zumba twice a week and will be starting kickboxing and a hip hop class.



  1. Robin! Just watching that is making me tired! I wish I had some of your get up and go, but I'm afraid my get-up&-go has got up and gone!

    Keep it up girl! I was going great guns about 7 months ago, for 2 months I was even shocking myself...lost 6 kilos fitting into my skinny jeans then hubby must have got his nose out of place(Jealous) and I allowed him to sabotage my diet! I broke it big time and have not been able to get back into it ever again. some Men suck lol!

  2. Love the video Sis, glad I could join you on one of these classes while I was visiting. Julie really knows how to make you sweat!!


  3. Hi Sweetie! I found this great book yesterday and just had to share. It's called 100 Days of Weight Loss - a Daily Motivator, by Linda Spangle. It seems to fit in pretty well with the 111 days theme, and I know that I could use a little bit of motivation every day.

  4. gotcha Sue, going to look for that one too...THANKS!! :)