Monday, August 15, 2011


like how many times can I say... tomorrow is a new day!

Need to get my shit together!!!!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Circuit Training

Need I say more??

oh wait... ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! ok thats it!! lol

I have been scared to death to go to this class because of what people have told me. And after tonight I find it to be true. Harder than anything I have ever been thru and yes, that includes child birth. I have never in my life have ever thought that being run over by a MAck truck was a far better choice. I am truly not kidding!!!

Circuit.. lets define this.

A. A closed usually circular line that goes around an object or an area.

B. A path or route a complete traversal of which without a local change of direction returning to the starting point.

C. The act of following a path or route.

Ok so lets take point B ... there is nothing fun about busting your hiney going around the first path, when only to find out you must again follow the same route that almost killed you the first time. So onto the same circuit for a second time. (killer)

only to find out that when I crawled to my last station, it was time for a brand new path!!!!

WTH, did she not try to kill me the first 2 times??? I mean cmon already!

I was ready to walk at this point, but something inside me said.. for the love of god Robin.. PUSH THRU it. I hate when I try to reason with myself and and myself wins. Hate her

Needless to say I made thru 1 round of circuit 3 , and with the thought of me tossin my cookies in front of 20 other women I have to work out with on a daily basis, I decided to save my self the embarressment and pat myself on the back for what I had just accomplished.

I have much respect for people who do this and dont need to stop for breaks.

At this point I have truly have a love/hate relationship with class.. but I will tell you this.


And I WILL complete everything.. without stopping, without walking and without having to vomit haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


see you soon.. mwahhhhhhhhhhhh

(note to self::: bring a change of clothes, because you will be SOAKED!!)

(p.s. I decided I hate mt. climbers)

(p.p.s. lemon squeezes are ridiculous! I only say that bcuz the trainer did 10 to my 2..nuf said!)