Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My first blog entry!

ok.... so I have finally done it!

I have created a blog. Somewhere for me to come and let it all out!
Somewhere for me to come and track what I put in my mouth everyday!!

I am only hoping thru blogging I will hold myself more accountable for my actions.
Meaning fork to mouth... ;) yeah, you know what I mean right?!?

I am going to be sharing recipes, keeping track of my exercise routine, sharing my journey and who knows what else.

Right now in my life Iam the heaviest I have ever been. I weigh 263 lbs. A very unhealthy 263 lbs. I am so tired of being the one thats always sick with something or always tired and sluggish. Tired of not having clothes that fit!! I hate going into my closet!
Friends ask me to go places and I make excuses.. do you ever do that?
Are you ever embarressed to just be out in the public? Well, I am.
I am DONE feeling this way! Thats right DONE!

I dont know how long this is going to take me... I know I will struggle along the way... But I will do it!!

I hope my blog .. my journey will inspire even just one girl to get fit.