Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Well, I must say I kicked butt today.... or did my workouts kick my butt!!??
Either way it was a fantastic day!!

Started with ZUMBA at 4.... 1 hour

then Quick Fit and 5.... 30 minutes

Followed by Rythmix at 6:30.... 1 hour


I will say Mary still kicks my A** in Quick Fit.. Its a tough class,

but I am determined to keep up and finish hard!

I had a little breather from 5:30 to 6:30 so I ran to McDonalds.. ( i know, I know)

I was going to get a snack wrap.. just something to give me a lil energy for Rythmix class.

Well, I see they had oatmeal with fruit.

So I got it and a small oj!

Well, it gave me tons of energy, but my god!!

290 calories, 32 grams of sugar. YIKES!!

I have to say it was really super good, but dont know if I will have it again.

Needless to say I was high gear for my dance class. Nothing was going to slow me down, I only paused for water twice. I was on fiyah!! lol
Julie(Rythmix Instructor) had me wear her heart rate monitor.

It also measures the calories you burn. Get this people... I burned a wopping 665 calories during my 1 hour class. Thats not even including Zumba and Quick Fit.

I seriously need to get one of these !

They typically cost around 100.00 - Great investment if you ask me!! :)



  1. That would be an awesome freakin investment!! Awesome workout!!! You did amazing today!!

  2. Well done on the exercise. If it wasn't for the kids I'd love to join a gym for such classes. They do sound good. But for now I'll stick with burning my 750 calories a day with 2 school runs and 30km cycling at home.

    McDonalds happens. It's a fact of life. :)

    Nothing wrong with a pick me up occassionally, and you had sure earned it. Well done. x

  3. Robin,
    You are doing so awesome!! I am so proud of you and you should be so proud of yourself!! YOU ROCK!!


  4. Way to go girl! Now there's a reward for yourself. Set a goal and have the monitor as your reward and work hard to get it!

    But McDonalds! NO! Lol so not good for you, we were just talking about that wrap on MGF the other day. It's horrible. Trust me read what it's made of and you won't want to eat it! The oatmeal is bad too. The sugar is insane!

    Doest your gym do protein shakes? That would of been better. What places are around you so you can plan ahead. I wouldn't do the oatmeal again. Remember sugar turns to fat so you don't want that much sugar ever :)

  5. I love my HRM! I have a polar f4. They are amazing and I love being able to track that kind of stuff.

    Good for you on the exercise.

  6. I would love to get one of those monitors! Where can I find one like the one you wore?
    Way to go Sis, you are rockin' it all over the place!!
    I'm listening to Bottom's Up by Trey on your page and am cracking up at the girl part! LOL
    Trey...Trey....hahahahahahahaha Love it!


  7. I saw some on AMAZON.... good ole AMAZON!
    Can ya get me one too!! lol

    I love Bottoms Up!! lol