Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stanky Bras

yes, lol you read that right!!

ok now i know we all sweat when we work out, but cmon!!

What is wrong with my bras?

Do you ever have that problem, where you wear your new bra or even a sports bra a few times when working out and then all of the sudden it reeks!

These stanky ass bras smell like they have drug across a mens locker room floor.


I wash it .... I wear it .... I gag!

soooo... I wash it... I bleach it... I wear it... I gag!!!

I seriously think the sweat is somehow embedded into the mere fibers of this

over the shoulder booby holder.

The minute I start to even faintly perspire.. BAM smells once again like I have

been laying in a pool of nasty sweat.

So then... dancing my ass off there in Zumba.. makes me wonder.. god if i can smell it, who else

Soooooooooooooo Miss Stanky Bra.. if you cant just hang out and smell decent... YOU MUST GO!


Who else has this problem... I know I am not alone..

you know who you are... lol

Do you too have stanky gym clothes...



  1. LOL...In all honesty I only have a problem with stinky laundry when I don't dry them properly. Like if the load of laundry is done in the washer and I forget about it, then the next day I stick it in the dryer. Then I get the nasty sweat/musty smell!

  2. maybe thats what happened.. but 2 different bras............ ughhhh smells like my hubbys gym bag.. gag!!

  3. lol!!! i admit,i have the same problem. spray and wash works a little bit to help with the stank though,but its not a cure,just a bandaid...
    i may just switch to duct tape!

  4. Boobs and crotch! Boobs and crotch! Soooo nasty!!! Hate the sweat, but it must be done! Maybe it's the healthy food we're eating. You know how your pee smells like asparagus if you just had it for dinner? LMFAO!!!


  5. omg Rox!! lmao!! boobs and crotch is right!! lol
    Now we are going to have everyone thinking we are stanky girls!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Get ya' some Oxyclean to add to your laundry. I am a major fan of it. It is great for getting out smells as well as stains.

  7. I was going to suggest some baking soda, that helped me get the funk out of a few of my gym outfits.
    I totally had a "what's that smell...dear god it's me!!!" moment at zumba a few weeks ago. ick!

  8. HA! This is why I get my exercise on the hiking trails! No one around for miles to smell my exercise funk!

    I hate trying to get rid of that smell. Soaking it in some detergent might help. Or stuffing a couple of those pine tree car things in the cups. That could make for an interesting conversation starter at the gym!