Thursday, January 6, 2011

Zumba for fun/fitness

Hey everyone .. I just wanted to report that I had THE best workout today!

I did 1 hour of quick fit. Which was 1 hour of torture... ha! just kidding, but it was tough!!

Upper body, lower body, abs, step aerobics all in one workout. Wow!

Immediately following quick fit I did my usual Thursday night

Zumba class or sooooooooooooooo I thought. lol

My instructor Devin.... had all new music and all new dances. 8 in all.

It was AMAZING! I was so pumped up.

As tired as I was.. as drenched in sweat as I was... I didn't want it to end.

I cant say it enough people, if you haven't tried Zumba either in a class,

on the wii, playstation or where ever... YOU NEED TOO!!

I mean cmon, how many times can you honestly say your workout was fun?

That would be a hardly ever for me.. Hardly ever that is until I found a Zumba class!!

So turn your fitness plan into something fun!

I say dance your butt off!!





  1. I try doing videos at home but i feel like a complete idiot LOL! i do like zumba and can definately see how that workout gets you working out! monday night this one club has zumba night people get all dressed up to go clubbing but its just like an over the top zumba class its great lol Great job hun!

  2. I'm going tomorrow at 11am sharp!! I love me some Zumba!!


  3. OMG I only wish we had a club to Zumba at. How fun would that be!!! I doubt very much you look like an idiot... but if you feel silly doing it, atleast your at home

    Yeah Rox!! you go girl!! We had all new dances last night and it was amazing!! Living la vida loca!!! ha!!

    keep rockin girlies!!