Sunday, January 9, 2011

Workout Schedule! Do You HaveOne??

This is a copy of what I am doing this month!!

(classes highlighted in pink - I am attending)

Adding a few days each week to the gym for lots of strength training.

I am so excited! Hoping to see some big reults at the end of January!!



  1. You'll have a great month!! What an awesome schedule of classes. I don't have a workout plan, but am hoping to come up with one today. Good luck!

  2. Everything looks better and more fun highlighted in pink! You've got this!

  3. OMG!! Totally intimidated again :)
    My current work out schedule is pretty simple:
    Up at 5am for 40 minutes on treadmill 5-6 days per week
    Strength training/Core workout using exercise ball - 30-35 minutes 2-3 times per week.
    Just sticking to this will be a huge accomplishment for me. As my stamina builds, I plan to increase the intensity, do intervals, etc. I am really looking forward to the new treadmill though and can't wait to play around with the various programs and intervals :)

  4. As a matter of fact I DO have a schedule and am lovin' it!! Goes a lil sump'n like this:
    M-W-F Zumba and Bodyjam
    M-F 30 min cardio and strength training with weights
    Saturday-Sunday Zumba and strength training

    It's gonna be a good year Sis!

    Love you,

  5. Dont be intimidated. Its just what I do... what I need to do. I started out by doing workouts in my house... then to the gym, then to the gym and my dance center. And sometimes home.
    We all have to start somewhere. Work our way up..which is exactly what your doing. :) You should be very proud of yourself! I am!!! xoxox

  6. great schedule sis!!!!!!

    This year is going to be a GREAT year.. no doubt!

    love you!!!


  7. Hi, new follower :) Way to go on planning your workouts for the entire month!!!
    Good luck on your journey, You will rock it!