Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hello there my 11 followers

just wanted to update you, that I have now lost 41.3 lbs!!!

2011 is going to be my year to shine! I have a goal and I will reach it!!

Do any of you have certain goals you want to reach for in 2011??

p.s. This is me 41.3 (cant leave out that .3 lol ) lighter


  1. Make that 13 followers! I'm so inspired by you! I really hope to get going myself (but for the life of me I still hate getting up at 5am to do the treadmill!) I want to look awesome for next year's Silver Bella though - and that will keep me going!

    Silver Bella hugs :)

  2. I'm so proud of you! I know you CAN do this! Next time I see you, you are going to be smokin HOT!!!! :)

  3. Well, Sue.. you keep following along with me and maybe we can help each other out along the way. I dont do the 5am But I will be making myself get up by to be at the gym by 8am then get to work by 10. Oh and lets not forget Zumba and Hip hop dance classes every night. You have to find something you love and go for it. DOnt be afraid. I was afraid toooooo too many years of my life. Its time to change!! Cant wait to see you at Silver Bella in our new bodies!! Good luck to you!! xox

  4. Thanks Shelly!! thats what I am hoping for!! :) xoxox

  5. Yay for you!! I am starting my weight loss goal tomorrow! I'm starting P90x! I did 4 days of it in Nov, and really enjoyed tomorrow I start and don't stop!! Good luck to you!! Keep going!