Saturday, March 26, 2011


I havent posted my stats for awhile, so here goes!!

Weight- 234

Waist-42.5 (down 1 inch)

Hips- 47 (down 1 inch)

Neck- 15(same)

Thigh- 25(down 1.25 inch)

Calf -18(down 1 inch)

Upper Arm-15.5

There you go... now what about you? :)



  1. Good evening. I am measuring this week. Will share then. I like your blog so am following. Came from Allan's place. Need to read a bit more but wanted to stop in and say keep up the great work. Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. When I started out losing weight, I was focussed so much on the scales, I never thought of taking my measurements - I wish I had! I realised that it wasn't 'weight' I wanted to lose, just the 'appearance' of weight - if a genie popped up and said "I can make you look slim and toned, but you're actual weight would be 300lbs..." well, I know what I'd say! Maybe I need to invest in a tape measure...

  3. Thanks for stopping over Julie!! Hope you come back often! and thank you!!

    Headspace- definately buy a tape measure. So much better than looking at the scale.