Tuesday, March 15, 2011


so this is my new FAVE gadget!!
I got this a week ago and I totally love it.
Its the Polar F6 Womens Heart Rate Monitor.
Records your heart rate, calories burned, exercise time and probably so
much more I dont even know about yet.
I am telling you what though... this little pink beauty pushes me to a whole new level.
Its like I am in competition with this watch!!
Every workout I try to push myself just that much further and harder.
If you dont already have one.. .I highly recommend getting one.
Many many brands out there. New Balance, Nike etc..
I chose this one because my trainer has one and was able to help me set it up.
awesome.. awesome ....awesome!!



  1. Does it have the band you wear around your chest too? That's the Polar one we have....

  2. Ohhhh, this is so neat!!!! Glad you love it and it has all of those features for you to use!

    ps. I have a new blog/URL. Would love for you to follow me over there again. I know, what a mess my other blogs were but something wasn't working when I made the changes so I created a new account altogether and created the same blog....you may have to change the button AGAIN. I'm sorry. I suck. I screwed up. Anyways...I hope you're having a amazing week!!