Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ohhhh Its That Time Again..

Its Tuesday!!
That means Cycling tonight!!
It also means my ass is going to hurt so bad from sitting on that seat for 1 hour!! lol

I do really like this class though... it makes you wanna push yourself.

And though your legs are screaming at you "stop... for the love of God Stop".

but you wont ;)

(aside from lil breaks here and there to relieve my rumpus)

If you have a chance to join a cycling/spinning class I say go for it!

Hittin mine tonight and then Zumba!!

2 hours of workin out.. bring it on BABYYYYY!!



  1. They need to put big tractor seats on those bikes! Have a good time.

  2. Have fun!! I run everyday, sometimes twice a day. I feel your pain and soreness but it's a good sore!!! Love Zumba!

  3. I'm getting the Zumba DVDs soon, they're in the mail. I cant wait to try it out! Is it a tough workout?

  4. Awesome job Robin!!!! I've heard a lot of people buy gel seats and take them! I haven't quite gotten up the courage to do a spin/cycle class, but maybe soon!! :) Keep up the great fun!!

  5. Definately buying myself a gel seat!! or a tractor seat!! lol

    I think you'll totally love ZUmba dvd's and its quite a workout.. your gonna sweat your butt off!! lol HAVE FUN!!

  6. New follower.
    2 hours working out wow!!!

  7. Hey Robin!
    I gave you an award for your blog! Check out my page for more details. Hugs!


  8. wendy!! thank you so much!!! xoxoxoox

  9. Hello! A lot of foods travel surprisingly well! Coolers for car travel are a must as well. For the granola I an email u the recipe if you would like? (It is so goooood!) Great job with the spinning! I have wanted to try it for a long time but haven't yet....I Think if I had someone to go with it would help! Have a great weekend!

  10. Can't wait to get into this all post baby in July.
    Awesome blog.