Monday, April 11, 2011

Time for Week 2 Of HCG

I am so excited for the work week to start again. I had no idea the weekend would be so hard for me. Too many temptations for me just sitting at home. YIKES!!

I started this last monday, so its been a week. Ofcourse your first 2 days are Loading. So since last Wednesday I have dropped 9.2lbs. Very excited about the results I am seeing. It seriously makes the hunger pains worth it. And honestly, the hunger pains have been very bearable.

The crazy part is... this weekend when I caved in and had some movie theater popcorn(not that much).. it wasnt even because my stomach was growling.. its because it was right there in front of me and I didnt have any self control. I know I am still weak and give into the cravings(not hunger...cravings). So i ithink for now I will just not put myself in those situations.

I think I might start taking weekly pics too... I swear I see physical changes already. My stomach feels and looks much smaller and hubby said so too. Makes me beyond happy when someone else notices. makes it all worth it.

Heres to week 2 on HCG!!


  1. Wow. That's great! I went ahead and placed an order and will be starting on Monday if all goes well. Do you have any words of wisdom or anything I should know about loading as I will be doing it on Sat and Sun. I hope this works as well for me as it seems to work for everyone else.

  2. Are you using the HCG drops? What are they and what do they do exactly? I am seriously considering placing an order for the 40 day kit.

    Also kinda curious about their grocery list.
    If it'd be easier to email me, my email address is Would love some more info on this, If it works that good and is really worth it (as it seems) I think I'll give it a try!

  3. LYnsey, where are you? I just saw South Dakota on your profile. If you say Mitchell, I am going to feel like an idiot!! lol
    Anyways, my words of wisdom... god I never have many of those, but here it goes...
    Loading!! Do exactly that.. Eat til you cant eat no more girl!! Try to eat good fat, but eat eat eat!!! You have no idea how this will help you over the next week. As far as hunger pains... drink lots of green tea and water...and if it gets really bad eat a big apple!! And most important.... FOLLOW THIS DIET TO A T!!!! I had a litte cheat one day at the movies and only lost .4 the next day. Live and learn!! Do not stray. I have read alot abut people eating more of this.. or that. But I am too afraid to stray right now. Maybe on my next round when I am more used to what I am doing i will lets say eat more veges one day.. or have an extra protein if i work out etc... I wish you all the best! I am truly lovin the results so far! I am here if ya need me!! :)

  4. Ashkeigh. I am going to email you ok :)

  5. I am not in Mitchell. Why, are you? I am only about an hour and a half from there.

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