Thursday, April 14, 2011

My .2 Gain!

well, I had a little gain this morning.. the only thing I can think of is the lotion I used.

I havent had time to search for new lotion and used what I had.. my skin was so dry and itchy, so I did use it. Its the only thing I did different. But its .2 Tomorrow will be a better day!! :)



  1. Why the lotion?? That's interesting. You are doing awesome. I have a GF that is using HCG and has lost OVER 50 so far, keep up the great work and think only positive!!!!

  2. I bought Aveeno lotion to use because I have to use it everyday or I dry out super fast. I hope this one is seems to be oil free. You have to take so much into account on this diet, it's almost insane! That .2 will be gone lickety split though.

  3. My Dr perscribed only Cold pressed extra virgin Coconut oil. She said coconut oil has a different chemical make up than other oils. The oils get directly into your blood stram and your body will convert the pil to stored fat. She even told me not other creams regardless if they were oil free or not. I even switched to a coconut based shampoo and condtioner during this time. You do not want you body to even think about havign to convert anythign you are eating or putting on yoru skin into energy you want your body to use up as much stored fat desposits as it can and if it has to think about using up what you eat or have placed on your skin you won't lose as much.

  4. I think it's insane that you can't use certain beauty products. All this time we worry about what we are eating... now we have to worry about our beauty products, too!

    I will be purchasing my HCG this weekend, and plan on starting load day #1 NEXT Saturday.. :)

  5. Found some lotion... its oil free. The gal at the nutrition store said I would be just fine. Really makes ya wonder when they say stuff like that though. Well, I will use it after my shower and see.. if I gain.. it goes BACK!! lol

    Ahley, I know it seems crazy.. but I think sine we are trying to rid our bodies of these fats< it would be even crazier to submit our bodies to it again in any way shape or form (while on HCG.)They say the HCG just sucks it Freaky!! Good luck to you!!! Cant wait ot hear how you do. I'll be cheering you on !!!