Friday, April 15, 2011

hmmmmmm...NOT HAPPY

ok hcg'ers i need some feedback. I am a little frustrated to say the least. Woke up again this morning to yet another .2 GAIN. I am hungry, crabby, emotional and on top of all that I gain.

Now I realize it says you may stall or have little to no weight loss at all, but I am gaining??!!

Can you really "stall" this early in the game??

I am only on day 11.

Now I know for a fact this diet works. I have had positive results thus far -minus the last 2 days.

And I will not give up. But I need someone to explain to me exactly what is happening here and what i can do to make the numbers go in the other direction!!





  1. You wont like the answers... email me at spoke to a doctor as I wanted to know about it as well..

  2. You're body is reacting, it doesn't know what you're doing, it's probably in shock so it start to store energy which translates to numbers going up on the scale...

  3. Do the 6 apples a day drink water and green tea. Cut out all salt if you can as your body may be retaining water and it just needs a day or two to flush out. It could just be water retention. Your body just needs time to catch up. You are only using sea salt in your diet correct and drinking only filtered water.

  4. Are you drinking enough water? I keep with the recommendation of drinking half your weight in ounces of water. How's the potty action? Where are you at in your cycle? Are you sticking with foods on the menu? Weighing everything?

  5. Well that sucks! I bet you will lose it all one of these mornings! Have a great weekend.

  6. I agree with Autumn Rose- all great questions! If you haven't had a BM in the past 2 days- try Super Dieter's Tea (I have just bought it at Wal-Mart before). Also, try an epson salt bath- LOVE these!

    Other than that you have only had 2 days worth of .2 gains. As I wrote on my blog I consider even such a gain just a stall if it happens in a row or with other no losses. So you are just in a stall.

    Be patient! Stick to protocol and drink lots of water. I really wouldn't suggest the apple day from my experience and you can read on my blog why, but other than that just stay true to the diet and trust it. My stall broke this morning and it will happen!!! If you aren't doing anything wrong (ie. eating off protocol or putting anything on your skin that could affect weight loss) just let your body catch up... Hang in there- you are doing great!

  7. Sometimes it just happens. I think the best thing is not to over-react. I tend to get too focused on the scale and often it throws me off my whole game! It could very easily be early water gain from "TOM" or just some extra salt somewhere. Stay focused on the bigger picture and you'll get through it! HUGS :)