Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Week = New Goal

ok so Friday night I had bad cheat night!! (BAD)

This only proves that I am human and I struggle just like alot of us do.

This blog is about all of it... struggles, hitting a goal, accomplishments, hitting rock bottom and most of all my true life! I let it all out.

I hope for anyone reading this, that has had one of those days and then gave up on yourself will rethink everything and know its ok to have some of those days. We are not invincible.. we are not perfect(thank you Debbie)...we are ALLOWED to make mistakes.

So with that being said...

I am letting it go and moving forward!!!

This week I am bumping up my personal training days with Julie from 1 to 2. I am hitting every class on my schedule, and maybe even a few more. My goal this week is to drop 3 lbs. It's doable trust me!! I have done it many times and need to get this show on the road!

To hell with this complacent mindset. Its time to work my ass off and get some results!

Anyone care to join me this week on this goal...

your goal certainly doesnt have to be 3lbs.. but do something.. dont settle!!

Thats why we are here right? We settled.

PLease post your weekly goals below.. Would love to have some motivation and insipration !!




  1. No goal as such this week, just to keep the scales heading in the right direction. We all have the bad times, its how we tackle it afterwards that matters. Either we see ourselves as failures and continue that route OR we see the mistakes, and learn from it and do our best not to repeat it any time soon. Good luck for this week. x

  2. My whole week has been a bad week - and I mean BAD! But you are right - we are not perfect and there is no point dwelling on it! It's time to get this show on the road! Thanks for posting this, Robin - I needed to be reminded of this! Good luck with your goals! You will get your 3lbs!!

  3. Great job on realizing what you did and moving on. My goal this week is to eat 2 full meals a day (I am bad for skipping meals) and the excerise to my fullest 5 days this week. Good luck this week, you can do it!

  4. You go girl!!!! I'm cheering for you! I know you can do it =) Have a great week & stay motivated! Muah! xo

  5. Hi Robin,

    is that you on the left with the pink wigg?
    It looks so cool on you!!

  6. Great mindset! Thinking like that will make you do it. I am a great believer in high expectations.

    My goal is to do some sort of exercise each day this week.