Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Back.....

kinda sorta..

thanks for all the prayers and well wishes for my Dad.

I brought him home on Tuesday of last week and he is already back at the Heart Hospital.

He is having a terrible time breathing , so they are running some more tests and scans. They are now looking for any clots and fluid on his lungs. His airways are extremely irritated and inflamed from the breathing tube he had for 4 days.

I stayed home this time instead of going with him, so its pretty much killing me that I am not there with him. I do know hes in good hands at this Hospital though. They were pretty amazing during his first visit.

On another note ... I used today as catch up day... house cleaning, getting orders done and packaged up ready to go out tomorrow and doing some much needed laundry.

I also wrote out my food menu for the week and I am excited to get back at it. 9 days without some kind of working out is terrible. And I wasn't eating the best when I was staying at the hospital with him either.. ate out. I feel like bcuz I was stressed I made very poor choices. Or maybe I shouldn't make excuses and just own up to not making smart choices. Anyways........... ready to get back on track and start fresh. Maybe have to adjust some days on my 111 Days To go Goal.

So there's a little update for everyone...

Hope all is well for you bloggers.

Talk again soon!!



  1. It's a good idea to make a menu for the week... both for the diet and the wallet. What's on your menu?

  2. Continuing to send best wishes your way. x

  3. Welcome back! It will be good for you to get back to your routine - mentally as well as diet wise. Take care.

  4. Wishing well wishes for your dad. Take care.

  5. Glad you're back Sis, and glad Dad is going to be ok. Wish I could be there, hopefully soon!