Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm in a BIG FAT RUT

and it SUCKS

I dont really know what my problem is. I just cant seem to get back in the groove of things. I need to work out, I know this. But I cant get myslef there again! Ughhhh!

I will again... but I need to now!

I want someone to help me, but I know ultimately it is on ME to get this done.

I feel like I am letting people down that have followed my blog and my weight loss journey so far. People have told me that I inspire them.. now look, here I sit.

I promise you all I will get it back. My drive that is.

I will not let myself or any of you down! I just need to figure out whats going on with me right now.

PLease keep following. I will do this !!!



  1. We all fall off the wagon hun it's very normal. It's happened to me several times. You just gotta dig deep inside and set your self a challenge to beat. It works for me because I am competitive as hell and hate to lose. If you ever need encouragement just come ask me and I can help in any way because we all need it at times!

  2. Let's talk and figure this out. I know you've been under alot of stress lately, so just take it one step at at time Sis.
    You're always there to help lift me back up, so lean on me now. I'm stronger than I ever have been and now can be here for you.

    I love you Sis!!!


  3. Best thing for a rut - Dig deep and make yourself do all the things you hate.

    Walk, exercise, gym, at home, cook broccoli and force yourself to SMILE at it while it's steaming.

    It usually takes me about 3 days to really 'form' habits. Even the ones that I have already formed and now just have to RE-implement.

    I whine and cry and get angry...the whole 3 days. I'm a pretty big baby about it.

    But when I finally snap out of it. I feel sooooooo much better. AND I'm already 3 days into being more healthy than I was before!

    So it's a double bonus :)

    Good luck! You can do it! Don't quit on you. You deserve more!