Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hey friends, my first round with HCG is over and I lost a whopping 15.7

Cant blame the diet, blame the dieter. I seriously could have done so much better than I did.

I was really hoping to drop about 25 lbs in my 40 days. But it didnt happen And I must be content with my 15.7 I am going to wait my 5 weeks and then go for Round 2. Hoping I will be much more prepared for it (mentally) next time. I did have alot going on in this first 40 days, but I am not going to give into the excuses. I did what I could do and I should just be happy with it right??

I do have to say I lost inches too.. 2 inches around my waist. I can now wear sz 16 jeans... (pretty exciting) xl tops. Gotta love that. My frame is smaller and for that I am thankful!!

Til next time HCG... mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!



  1. My friend just started this a week ago and she and her family are doing awesome. I wish you all the best of luck with it.
    Take care and have an awesome and blessed Sunday. Oh and by the way, YEAH!!!! (jumping up and down) almost 16 pounds is awesome!!!

  2. Great job Sweetheart!!!

    I am now down 89 pounds and I am hoping to break 100 by July. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

    I need more clothes....I am holding up my pants with safety pins again!!!


  3. Be proud of that 15 lbs! That is really good. Next round you will be more prepared on what to expect and what to do!

  4. Congrats on your 15! that is still so amazing!

    Keep kicking ass and taking names.

  5. I have to say though I only did 23 day rounds, I only lost 11-12lbs each time. I really think some people are more inclined to hold on to the fat! We all have our struggles and successes, hang in there, this is a valley, you'll be on top of the mountain again soon enough, you've done an amazing job so far, dont forget how far you've come!

  6. I just started following your blog and have to ask what HCG is???