Monday, February 20, 2012

Calories in- Calories out!

I have had quite a time these last few weeks losing weight or lack thereof.

You would think as long as I have done this I would just know things. WRONG

For instance... the more you work out, the more you need to eat.

I have always heard this I guess, but I seriously could not wrap my head around it..

nor did I want too.

Now after to talking to a few gals..

Im talking about gals in a position to tell me why this is a must!!

I have decided that this week I will experiment and eat more when Im working out.

Im using to log my food and my workouts.

As I log my exercise, it bumps up my calories.. telling me what I need to eat.

Makes it so easy for me to know how many I need to be eating.

Yet, I find it harder than heck to get more in. But I will!!!

On a normal day I should be eating 1640... thats with no exercise.

With exercise... I should be getting between 1900-2100

Depending on the intensity of my workouts.

so here it goes people!!

A full week of dedication to the calories!!!

Who would have ever thought I would be told to eat more! Photobucket


  1. Think of your body like a take that car on a road trip aka work out you obviously will need to fill up on gas right? Your body needs fuel! Just give it good fuel ;) You can add me on if you want too I love that site.

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